Hi!  I’m Rebecca!  I thought you might like to know a little bit about me!
I’m a part time photographer, part time bank teller and a full time Mom to 4 crazy kids!

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My awesome kiddos…  They keep me busy every day, never a dull moment and I wouldn’t have it any other way!  It’s interesting being a Mom, seeing each little person develop in their own way.  Not one of them is like the other.  It’s amazing to me how 4 kids, raised by the same two parents can be so very different from each other – everything from a book-reading violinist to a grease monkey baseball player.  The variation in activities I take on in a year is crazy!

Siblings © Rebecca Curtis Photography 2013 Pembroke, Maine IMG_4798

We have an incredibly goofy dog that our kids love to play with.  He’s half Great Dane and half Chocolate Lab, but he thinks he’s a lap dog  and will jump at any opportunity to be held (as you can imagine it usually involves being squished, so it doesn’t happen often!)

We’re a home schooling family, so much of our day is spent learning – whether it be doing schoolwork…

…or watching video teachers.  And yes, for those of you who are observant, my eldest’s hair is currently red. Why you ask? Because he can!

Of course most days around here wouldn’t be complete without Legos.

I hope to get a chance to meet your family and capture the little things in your life that make you uniquely you!




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