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I’ve seen several articles lately about photo metadata (most importantly, location) and children’s safety.  There’s a concern that the exact location of your child/family can be “traced” by posting your photos online.  I haven’t had anyone specifically ask yet, but I’m sure it will come up eventually, so I thought I’d address this now.  The FBI has issued a Cyber Alert for Parents and Kids here.  I want reassure you, my clients and future clients,  that your exact location is never attached to your photos.  I export all my photos through Lightroom and all metadata is stripped from the photos with the exception of my copyright tag “© 20XX Rebecca Curtis Photography”.  In addition to stripping all metadata a watermark is also placed to help deter thieves from “lifting” your photos to use on fake websites, blogs, etc.   On my website I do use general keywords on my photos to help my website show up in search engines.  These words don’t give exact locations, but do give a general area for those searching for a photographer in the Calais, Eastport, Lubec, Machias, Washington County & Downeast, Maine areas.  I give my clients the option of not posting their online if they have any concerns.  I urge you, as a Mom, friend and photographer, to please check your mobile phone/camera’s settings and make sure you shut off location services for your camera as shown on the FBI’s alert.  As a secondary precaution, I would also check your privacy settings on Facebook to ensure that your private photos are just that – private.

To see what your Facebook page looks like to the public:
From your Facebook page, click on your name in the top right hand corner
Click on the little cog gear in the bottom right corner of your large timeline photo
Click on “View As”

That should show you what the public can see.  I generally keep all my privacy settings on Friends except for “Who can send me friends requests” which I keep set to everyone.

Each photo album can also be set to “Friends” only.

Go to your Facebook “Photos” page
click on “Albums”
In the bottom right corner of each album should be a little symbol, you can click it to change privacy settings.  I generally choose “Friends”.  Facebook does NOT give you the option for your large Timeline photo – those are public.  So if you’re concerned about those photos, you’ll have to decided what pictures you’re willing to let the public see.

I can’t possibly tell you how to protect your photos for every social platform because there’s so many.  I’m only addressing Facebook because it’s the largest one.  I do know that other social sites such as Google+, Flickr, etc.  Do NOT strip the metadata – so do be extra cautious when posting elsewhere and always do your homework!  These sites are constantly changing their policies, so do a Google search on each to be sure.

So – that’s it!  Keep posting those pictures, but balance it with a little bit of caution and common sense.   🙂

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