I’m super excited to be able to offer this new service to my clients!  I recently bought some software that makes it simple for clients to see how their wall prints will look in their home.   Most people are very sight oriented and need to see what something looks before they can really visualize it!  (You know what I’m talking about – like that beautiful paint you bought for your living room that ended up looking really HIDEOUS… Um… Yeah… I like to be able to visualize things in a very real way!)  Or… sometimes they just don’t know what to do with their photos or have a hard time making an arrangement that is well coordinated (Whatever you do – don’t just buy the digitals and leave them in a desk drawer some where!  I would cry.  There’s nothing sadder than your family photos collecting dust in a drawer).  Get those photos up on your walls!  Enjoy them!  You’ll walk by those every day and every time you look at them, they’ll make you smile!  Here are some examples of some of my clients photos arranged into framed prints and fine art canvas clusters!

An 8×10 is the most common size people want to order for a large print.
This seems like a large print… until you see it on your wall.
8x10s are really better suited for a desk top or dresser.  It gets lost on a wall.

Single Framed 8x10 Landscape

Up-sized to a Framed 24×36 – this print really shines (and looks more in proportion to the room)!!

framed, print, 24X36

Here are some more wall clusters for your inspiration!

Filmstrip Canvas Cluster – (1) 26×26, (6) 8x8s

canvas, cluster, gallery, fireplace, photography, print, filmstrip, 26x26, 8x8

Triptych 1 Canvas Cluster – (3) 16×24

canvas, hall, cluster, gallery, print, maine, boy, dog, family, photography, downeast

The Ampersand Canvas Cluster – (1) 20×30, (1) 45×30

canvas, amperstand, cluster, 20x30, 45x30, print, family, photography, sisters, living room, home, gallery

Two Below Canvas Cluster – (1) 30×20, (2) 14×11

canvas, cluster, gallery, hallway, hall, print, pembroke, photography, photographer

Double Trouble Framed Prints – (2) 24x20s

prints, framed, 24x20, wall, gallery, home, children, family, cluster, photography

The possibilities are endless!  Let me know if you have a cluster idea you’d like to have for your wall prints!